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Untitled (6/21/11)

August 15, 2011

flecked with shadowy stains
wringing out the light and fetching dour promise
she turns, still surveying the urge to choke–
and, liking it instead,
follows it under.

her own restive will
light on appeasement,
shallow and filled with mercy,
dissolves into more retreat.

she pulls back
hoping someone will rip the lament from her lungs,

she remembers the ambition of light
and considers her malformed pride

and stirs again,
never having lifted,

rendering her fears
except for the ease of leaving

and welcomes the satisfaction
sealing herself against judgement


Untitled (5/24/11)

August 15, 2011

almost reached the top,
fruitless search for otherness
in same

your tempo rises to the occasion,
but in the moment,
blank and heartless stares creep forward
lurching in frozen, languid timelessness

can’t stop the shame burrowing, honey-down
drops, stretching
long to go where the pile ends, the bottle empty,

instead woven with familiar equivocations,
one and one bending
halves into threes

you can have it as long as you’ll keep moving
nothing moves so slow
to keep you in your way
the same as in your tussled breathing

look no further,
you’ve named it from without

rendering the shapeless home of doubt
a shining frame

Untitled (4/25/11)

August 15, 2011

a low tower
watches a slow trickle
down unwelcome steps.

over, some hills away,
the moats would cross themselves unguarded,
but you took the wild

and, left with holes of will,
seizures to pass,

i kept to spring.

your mouth so swollen
reared at me,

like untold blasts,

i shiver
and fold in and out of hours–
lapsing into one season all years long.

by the time your tongue comes for me,
i’ll be out among
the last land,
future edge to your current ground,

and my steps will count your way
back behind
to the fall.

Untitled 2 (2/25/11)

August 15, 2011

elated, reposed to still
paint-by numbers glancing waterfall
with a bear looking over its shoulder-
that sense of foreboding carries over you

we’re both locked in where one’d say
freedom, shouting defiantly over mountains,
and others’d say this vista’s gone

like the rest, you prattle on
smile on too tightly,
like a shoe that’s starting to hurt your feet in places

but you carry on, everyone does
now all the way through the clearing by the central trees-

i still don’t know whose salmon is swimming,
but at least i’m on the outside,
my outlines only by light

Untitled (2/25/11)

August 15, 2011

sex revamped, taking the nature of civilization with it
in a cold-hard sneer the size of mothballs
wearing hats, blocking lights,
weary stares carve frames out of mouths
so teeth can go by cleanly

upshot to the tower in rain in night
blossoming like gossamer shades,
curtaining blues and gargoyles,

how romantic it is to sheath unknowing strangers
in tempting stories filled with sighs,

lakes below trapping lovelorn looks in travel books,
and ticket pamphlets to the latest shows

on the sidewalk, to be trampled by

the camera crew on its way to dolly
the same scene with more meaning
and better light

Untitled (11/16/10)

August 15, 2011

entombed in theĀ peculiaritiesĀ of snow,
drafting sans recording equipment
given to failure,
prone numbers brake to give affection
to deeply-steeped “i”s

like a pointed inflection,
crunching and bowing in the cold,
boots and lips snap
and cushion bold threats

balances aside,
the up and the down go with the regular arms
you use to sweep
and curve down a bare slope
we run on

Untitled (10/24/10)

August 15, 2011

trust in all-square leaning polygon,
back to shape-inspired wishes to fill-
fair sides all heaving none of what
you came for me,
blinking, blinking pierces of lines

foamed, formless crawling of messages to here
and tendrils there connecting,

no reasons to feel safe,
yet closed-loops hold a satisfying
future of hereness

but wages do not open up
to let in the fears of gone

and they float from end to end,
enriching my satisfaction
with terror