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Untitled 3/19/09

April 5, 2009

Shepherd me- my strength gives way-
Not forgiving, you’d had time to think of me
Slowly scratching down my weakness, revealing
Openings in drumheads just small enough to see

If I give it away, if I reveal it,
Too much and no moths come flying
But I’m delirious and hopeful
for what little is left to chew on

Singed around this handhold,
If perversion breaks a wisp of offers,
Flowing down in unending silent terrors,
Floating around that light, beginning,
Only to fake me again and again
Knowing well no one, save for an occasional
Comes to pass and heave a little,

Goldfish swim and I will face down and down
And down some more to
Stare at you
or at least your collarbone
and your spine
which I’ll never know
as I know my face

I’m shattered but you win,
You win, you win

Even as you take your grace stubbornly, slowly, lustfully

Just take your bones
before I change my mind and collect

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