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Untitled (3/24/09)

April 5, 2009

drawn down to bits, you swore
the only time it hurt
a lifting swell upraised your worth
only to shoulder your guilt some more, but

standing and waving, some look hellbent on
suffering though a curse
would lead you, formed and deformed,
wrapped and tired in a wonderful death
of something dear

i see it tied around your chest-

you watch me as a comfort,
only slightly,
only slightly learning

but there’s a gentleness to the way you avoid me
and stay

your only recourse lifting away slowly,
slowly and still waiting,
the earth opens and breathes so hushly,
it grieves me and you still,
still with that arching brow, coldly and so broken,
in those little waves i’m reaching your eye so suddenly,
you saw

it’s my turn to be a lesson,
to look past some view and,
look how sinister it seems from far away

when you eclipse
that which i care most about-
you take me into your mouth and
never say a sound

you’re dear to me, and still watching the angle your back takes,
i hope you know enough to smile

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