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Touch 4/5/09

April 6, 2009

Your words,
tied in your throat,
catching cold on the way down,
forget that holding on to this hope
may never fall until you let love out.

That way, in a gesture of a favorite saying,
You smile,
and teeth become a way of
greeting the world a little painfully-

Your eyes have a reverie for shame.

Letting go of my own, I see your stake in a much larger
I’m little as little things go, but
your touch still makes me feel alert-

As if I could take the earth.

Humming, when does this safety come down

a hard feature wedged between softly wound flesh.

You stir in your sleep, and a list comes to mind,
of a thousand pails of lust that didn’t reach the sand.

Are you offering
Listening to this thought?
You quiver, but it doesn’t make a sound.

Are you shivering?
take this piece of string,
and wrap it around and around-

until your conscience is all tied up-

for one more touch.

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