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Untitled (9/30/08)

April 10, 2009

Inexplicably turned toward a cool
pronouncement of wonder
I am baffled and
still smiling
I don’t believe you.

Your temperament, inflated,
shining with the black of a perfect vacuum
and aglow
with a perceived peace of
love and shelter-
It frightens me.

You have horrors within horrors
that live without

and clearly no match for my intentions
could concern you.

So skipping the aftermath of brutal anxieties,
you’ve moved on to calmness,
not as surf messages skin,
or leaves rustle bones and dirt,
but as pained and empty as
hurried breaths between
nervous laughter.

Your optimism is the deafener of quiet, doubtful

just as ugly as business handshakes.

I come back to the same question, now,
too plain for thoughts worth measuring:
why waste time
with those like you.

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