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untitled (6/2/09)

June 3, 2009

some hand took the care to make me,
wrap me,
fold the earth around my charms
at least once,
but what creates me has proven unable to keep me safe
wrapped in some other arms,
always broken


no other one has held like the first
time out of breath and born into light,

no breaths have been held like that one,
loved as fully
as aware of my self in its presence as none

like the last one,
i’m indebted to remain as long as it takes
to open a more secret harvest of stars,
brighter behind eyes than white,
safe, when i can finally breathe again

when it breaks

and know no other worry
than to go back just once
and to hold the silence for the longest time it takes
to love out the noise i create

then i will be into nothing, and my hope is for
all the fight i put into
this hurt
to shine

and gleam with that singular happiness
to a new end,
that can be claimed
through sight alone.

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