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Untitled (7/28/09)

October 7, 2009

sucking on something particularly delicate,
a palette awash with references to dewy sweetness,
loving, penetrative, lingering joys of core softness
mingle with salt that balances a tremor,
commemorates some pain that never goes away

in fasts that recurring dream-memory flashes,
held to my mind like string-wrapped brick,
tossing out a curvature and fleshy corridors
in favor of one mass of no invitations-

wrought hard by persistent beating blasts
visited slowly, repeated intently,
and shaken and fought ’till a hope of oblivion came crashing through
ready to tear any place of calm away-

like morse code, that lovely image of sugar came dashing in,
little by little, focusing on openings that begin to matter,
on holes that carve out wonder,
on the beginnings of spirals that go on being tasted forever

and the plush wetness folds and folds
shapes itself around that enduring flavor that removes
that which stops, is lost, is over

in some place towering bleakly that shudders,
devoid of harmonic textures and balance,
sinking rocky bitterness into every tendril of faith-

i’ve cast my own shadows to blot out that disgusting,
unforgiving sun that shows only terrors

and found my home in blushing echoes of sweetness

blanketed by fibers of slick oily hubris

rolling over the hard spaces

lushly wrapping up the nautilus
for home.

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