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Untitled (9/23/09)

October 7, 2009

composed of something empty,
slowly crowding hallways,
slowly approaching.

starting something heavy,
something beautiful almost pokes its form
out of the unbelievable.

the hum of human voices makes it unintelligible,
masks the grandeur of a single instant-
rendering chasms of the sublime impossible almost-nirvanas
as blind as something less than ordinary-

the wonder in what passes for accepted,
the accented blades of grass and sun hitting lampshades,
struck dumb,

termed as charming,

where does the infinity crawl to?

when i lose it out of the corner of my eye-
and my life is constructed only of seen possibilities-

some born struggle of needs is escaping,
and i am merely elsewhere,

but the apathy scares me most of all-
as if what’s behind you is empty space,
as if air tells no stories,
as if light is just to measure.

if i can’t hold it open,
death sounds better,

but where does it begin

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