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Untitled (11/16/09)

January 2, 2010

as fast as a lick can extinguish a flaming candle,
poised to conquer an unseen domination of forces, you rise
trembling with the gait of horses at the speed of light

and just as fast, it comes,
i see it,
the calm breaking over you,
rushing slowly
deliberately crushing your anxiety under its heel

you look up at me like the new future is breaking before you
a peace struggling to emerge past your eyes, a gushing strait of nirvana
dancing, moving, holding-

at last,
that drop of saliva falls for a seeming eternity,
just as you release your herculean grip

i can think of no better picture of contentment,
lazy smile wandering to the next activity,
concern leaving you casually,
sleep longing for you gracefully

in these moments your changes strike me as insignificant,
if this is all it takes to lift you, overwhelm you, crush you,
and leave you with no understanding of what’s become,
how easy is it for you to see me as wanting more?
never leaving my own anxieties completely,
never being overwhelmed with the same wondrous ease that bathes you,
i’m alone in the thoughts that make all this seem harsh

too easy, and meaningless,
i miss all the things that were promised to me

the saddest part is that it hasn’t happened yet
but i smell the disappointment all the same

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