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Untitled (11/24/09)

January 2, 2010

i don’t know what it is,
your smile can hold it
some chance of falling in,
to be in again,

some time spent undoing
what time craves for us all,
lingering after old habits
and starving old needs

the solace to come,
begging to be brought in,
delighted at the anguish
it takes to spend

for one chance at redemption,
or at least love
but you can’t hold it at all
you can’t bring it in

you look at it from outside
and dream old dreams
you think you remember
what it was like to be that person
smiling in that picture
you think you know it was you
and you pretend you know who you are

in the face of losing it
not sure which hand to play
not sure how much to risk
how much loss is love worth

does the possibility of new smiles weigh enough
to undo the memories of suffering
is anything worth losing that much
you’d have to believe in love.

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