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Untitled (11/9/09)

January 2, 2010

if all i had was ever
as ever a friend as you
to come on and see the stars, brighter,
into the clearest sky i’ve ever known

what before counted as little as your eyelids,
breaths counting one to four,
no longer matter as you come to me,
arms open to the sacrifice of blame and honesty,

pierced slowly those sighs come to my mind like breaths of home,
the troubles can’t understand where they begin

and where you begin for me

what tried to stay away,
comes stronger, closer than before
down like an avalanche, the swells raise my chest heavier,
this neck can’t weigh more than that responsibility you hold to me,

a savior in plain clothes,

what you are to me

but walking into corners,
those thoughts of you plain and in the dark,
in the light,
i pass by the chance to want forever and know you more,
and lose you better,

i just have to rest,
eyes closed,
your smile further away from me than the stars

it feels just like
the last time
i left home

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