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Untitled (1/4/10)

January 5, 2010

for all these things,
you compose a
sometimes all it takes

to show you’ve gone enough
but liquid cannot spray the way you’ve come here,

another time could wait to stow a lot of secrets,
passing through
that shudder reveals more about you than you know

and smiles contain a little much to take

on the back of words, you lie asleep,
and fake your way to start
new things
and break what you can’t keep

the same

and i’d lose it all just
to play

i fear you, so
that over you
light takes extra long to calm and shake away the night

that hours of mine, no matter to blame,
never go where you go,
and i’m the one

who’s standing

but dreamable

as your last actions take effect
like spring

and still you’re searching
but not awake

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  1. January 5, 2010 1:06 pm

    You’ve been writing a lot lately. I like it!

    Keep it up =)

    • tamarshaham permalink*
      January 5, 2010 10:05 pm

      Thanks, Brad! 🙂

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