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Untitled (1/7/10)

February 17, 2010

at you,
directing all the blows,
but you won’t waste a finger
on letting close ashes swing fiercely,
opposing and hammering,
when the intense wave comes all you can think
is to run,

because it threatens some part of you muscled over
flexed to bump poisons out while it breathes
into new shapes, bending the weight
to deflect my advances,
wrapped grossly the bulges frame your unwillingness
to unfold your doubt

hurried, but too carefully, your retreat burns and
breaks the wonder threatening so closely
to leak out your eyes,
that honesty thrusting toward angry
new promises, the loving strain that strikes
with fists and teeth,
fat thickening,
sinews strengthening

you can feel this blight coming farther
and faster
than you would ever allow

the savory and metallic taste of fear
pushing on your tongue

so you stare back with the force of outright avoidance
opaque willpower masking longing
crushing your tender wishes
you leave nothing and become a lump of
fearful changes

as i clench my soul to smile

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