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Untitled (1/14/10)

February 20, 2010

a new girl
i could combine you
constrained to the touch-
a wire in fine balance,
made to be held and fine as fire’s softness,
bound true to gold as it expires,
made of ash and suspended lightly
over a sea of rubber,
in case it does collapse
tough as a whisper

you cut her hair with wisdom’s crutch,
wont to destroy,
to bind

on her,
a water droplet combing light
into thin strands of color,
magnifying veins,

like an eye that grows beyond the surface of your wonder
without cares or calls,

a waxen, bare breath coming down,
shines with anxiety, and breaks to glitter,
to fly apart

that does you justice the same as honor,
amassing volume and strength,

your grip on it loosening as it pulls and waits
coming into focus

the motives clear

hips swinging silently to break the air
in collapsible pieces,
sharpened to fight

all the years lying on the floor

no cause, no delights bereft of horror,
but a twinge of mad joy lingers through,
walking on your heel to tip toe steps

your gentle caravans to die

becoming, following,

but you leave her be.

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