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Lyrics (4/21/10)

July 6, 2010

depending on a broken wave,
faltering in incessant tones
it brings the timbre down to multiply
a frequent echoing cry

the kind of moan you think about
in your dreams, half-asleep,
falling down, with light switches
that never cooperate

your heart
breaks slowly
like a pebble falling into a tsunami
gathering leaves like an earthquake
the dust brims in your mouth

sonic booms surround this
forced sigh you sculpted for me
synapses snapping with rhythmic timing,
always off a beat or two

save the ocean floor some sand
and watch me go down
just as lightly on your doorstep
why does your ground never shake

my heart
breaking slow
like a wishing well whirlpooling
it takes the stars down with it
like a vacuum

my only strings, no section could risk
the weight of my reverberations,
no instrument could recreate
the sound of your intentions

at last a silence that envelops
time like ripples from a skipping stone,
follows you away and comes
back to die on the shore

my heart
is done.

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