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Untitled (3/15/10)

July 6, 2010

i want to follow a narrative that cracks a hole in time
and renders it useless

i want to cause a future to burn,
to break a thread of cause and effect

i want to infect
and seep into all the cores of happening

to nurture a destruction
so fierce and awesome it shatters the very meanings of the contemporary yearning
to deconstruct and change

to wage silence on the unknown,
protect nothing and recreate nothing,
hollow out everything,
and leave it alone,

i want to know what empty-
what void-
really is

what is without

and what is absence

i crave the shelter of absolute vacuum

i want to be the center of an imploding star

an endless, beautiful hole of dark,
that exists to push against all matter

i want to be the anti

and leave everything that has weight
to evolve

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