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Untitled (4/5/10)

July 6, 2010

combined to follow,
that wave topples another waiting try
to become allfathering joy,
festered brightly into waiting hands,
knowing a sunlight too sharp to allow

calling again,
after songs are done and wasted,
but you carry on
to the tune of a tired heart,
slackening always

that wax mixed with sandy beaches,
piled high with regret,
slaving off foam,
a high note sounds out on all the hills and castles
made to last an afternoon and not a night

you heard the words that shuddered you,
found the clothes under the pile,
warning you

some temptations rest, sitting on what’s buried, soft wonders lit only by

i know your fears can set aside the pervading lust

i know where your answers hide,

and parade around the loss

all coming to nothing, to decide
on a dim future without skin and eyes

breaking the tap
that failsafe hope
i come to comfort,

let that faith grow
into useful looks and stares too proud to die

no more halting
this palm swears by your fortune
and swings in wind too big
for your arms.

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