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Untitled (5/11/10)

July 6, 2010

like a leaf cooled over ice hovers,
some slow limb reaching out
to coat the skin with derision,

a smooth call, determined,
stoking mindlessly and bringing
a shaky calm to woo,
insinuating what you feel as
carelessly as you interpret
all her longing,

mended to a melancholy finish,
glass-like shine defines a wonder
scathed but, abused like a surface worn with sandpaper,
becomes soft again

that same lustrous sheen of your eye
glazing over former cares,
too hurt to close

reminding her always of some bliss you lost

before you shed your love,
impossibly loathing all comforts,
always in defeat, hoping for
her tongue to somehow recognize
what you’ve always wanted to share

the merciless desire frames all her concerns
in a wet hot remove, somewhere
in front of all lingering awareness

but she can’t pull charm from downcast,
misplaced frustrations that bring shame,
pushing down on her chest so hard

wanting you
and willfully forgetting all your sadder moments
when you smile

but she remembers
the way your tension renders you,

the higher you put her,
the more apart from your mistrust of your worth

when you don’t believe her
she loves alone

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