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Untitled (6/29/10)

July 6, 2010

never tame
and not forgiving, your coldly brewing
temper alive and active with haste,
sequenced by a racing tongue over teeth,
rushing, breaking, filled with salt

banished, like towns that never reach the sea,
calling out unheard,
forever listening for the word to undo hate

what in your face has gone so wrong,
so unsheltered?
swarming like this, wild to taste,
suffering and smiling through obvious pain?

so light i could shake the air from your lungs
like holes in balloons covered with tape-
what wounds took shape
last you went away?

you rush back always to the world
so eager, not waiting for sane choices
to arrive

leaving out the way you came,
your attention driving out
the beggars

and the loves

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