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Untitled (7/20/10)

August 15, 2011

all efforts pull focus
to writ lengths
strong, unbending
fastened straps,
with a consuming burst,
struggling throats in
anguished fever lives

afraid some
torrent larger than the vastest
would swallow all

no choice left but to surrender to wish
without crushing doubts and passions that
seek to be above
faster and faster

what is it you desire most
to conquer

and what is your briefest hope
that dares to breathe

let if fall and want no longer trail
of ash to burn

but explode in a cacophony of peacock tail flames
showing only
victory and pain

a true phoenix veil of fire
welling in your chest and
into veins and
out your mouth to be
pure, unadulterated will

that has no shames or mercy
and delivers only
the courage to go without caring
to fail

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