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Untitled stream (9/19/10)

August 15, 2011

hot, sinewy
flows across wreaking light sweat bleeding fake,
hustling energy towards unholy unions of crimes and persperation,
the desperate guilt-stroking fever-listening hysteria,
blame this
take away regret and pile remorse
on top of nothing,
nothing and hills of nothing
speak for themselves
not hearing, believing, showing a good word
faith-filled world of
do good and no harm,
no sorrys so sorry so sorry
can’t have the rest, does this born-with feeling
hold the same shame
or different,
does your name reflect a new form of temptation,
or the old
that sweater, teeming with umbrage and desire,
controlling wasted fingers,
sewn-together straps that construe hold-
reeling listless blank,
but lips open not closed
the same sweat that falls off your collarbone
tearing up my sigh
no marches fell
your beautiful crutch

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